How To Pass Junior WAEC

In Nigeria, students in JSS3 are mandated to write an examination called Junior WAEC, this examination is also called Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). Before a junior student gets admitted into the second session, he or she must have satisfactory grades in this examination. 

If you’re nervous about your examination and wondering how to go about it, this article gives you proven tips on how to pass junior WAEC. Have a good read. 

9 Proven Tips On How To Pass Junior WAEC

  1. Understand The Format of The Examination

One key to passing any examination is by having an understanding of the format; what type of questions are set, how many sections are they divided, and how much time you have among other questions. Not to worry, here’s a clue. 

You’ll be given multiple-choice questions and also theory questions for every subject you write. All multiple-choice question carries the same mark, while the theory has allocated marks that are attached to the question. Knowing this, you can now plan with understanding, knowing what you want to achieve. 

  1. Use The Syllabus As A Guide

The BECE examination covers some main topics which you have been taught from JSS1 to JSS3, reading all notes and textbooks to pass may be overwhelming. This points to the fact that you’ll need a guide for effective reading. 

Using a syllabus helps condition your mind to the possible topics that will be covered in the exam, you streamline your study to the recommended topics for your examination.

  1. Prepare Early

Your ability to set the ball in motion early as regards studying will keep you away from negative surprises during the examination. Having gotten the syllabus and other necessary materials for your examination, start studying. 

If you wish to wait for a specific time before reading, you’ll be at a loss. The bulk of the work can weigh you down, so a stitch in time saves nine. 

  1. Develop A Reading Time 

For most students, the best way to achieve a certain feat in education is to have a timetable for guidance. Having a study timetable is good but not enough. While drafting a timetable, also develop the mindset of discipline. 

Your timetable contains all the subjects you’ll be writing about, hence, place each subject in order of priority. Mix up your favorite subjects with your weak ones, such a combination helps your brain to focus and build on both subjects. 

  1. Get And Practice Past Questions

Just like the WAEC examination for senior secondary students, the BECE past questions are also available in most bookstores or educational vendors at marketplaces. You can also get copies of past questions from your seniors. 

Past questions give you an update on the format of the examination, and also provide you the to identify and access repeated questions that are common in such exams. Past questions also serve as a means of evaluation, you can attempt all questions and check through for answers. 

  1. Devote Time For Your Weak Subjects

As long as education is concerned, you may need to have a satisfactory score in all subjects whether they are your favorite or not. With this, you’ll need to devote time and plan toward getting better in your weak subjects. 

At best, get a lesson teacher that can help with that, then make out time to enjoy the process of learning, this will keep you fit in all subjects in the long run. 

  1. Join A Group Study

Group study goes a long way to help with covering the syllabus for your examination. Also, when you sit among serious friends, you rub your minds and get to understand concepts better than when taught in class. 

When joining or creating a group, make sure you have people of like minds and not those who will be a distraction while a study is going on. 

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  1. Be Time Conscious

This applies when your examination commences, since it’s your first time, keep to time. Unlike your conventional school examination, junior WAEC is supervised by other external staff and they will be strict with time. 

While in the hall, don’t stay so long on one question, if you need to skip a question, do so and remember to crosscheck your answers before submitting. 

  1. Avoid Malpractice

Examination malpractice has been a major challenge in the educational sector of Nigeria, this trait has increased the level of brain drain among students. Also, have in mind that examination malpractice is a criminal offense.  

As a junior student, don’t adopt this negative habit so as not to struggle to do away with it in the future. If you start any form of malpractice now, it’ll be your focus throughout your education while your brain becomes active. 


The BECE examination is conducted yearly in every accredited center which is usually located in secondary schools. The staff of the school, parents, and students always anticipate the results afterward. This points to the importance of making good grades in the examination. 

I believe the tips outlined above will serve as a guide and motivation to take the bull by the horn and come out with flying colors. I wish you success in your examination.

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