Wesleyan University Financial Aid For International Students

Studying at a prestigious school like Wesleyan University requires a lot of funds and this may not be feasible for some students without financial aid like scholarships and grants. Fortunately, some notable Universities in the USA have provided several scholarship programs for international students. 

If you’re looking to study at Wesleyan University under a scholarship, this article gives you relevant information on how to achieve that. 

About Wesleyan University

Among so many Universities in the United States, Wesleyan University stands tall as one selective and competitive institution, having over 13,000 applicants yearly. 

At Wesleyan University, domestic and international students are given the privilege to apply for financial aid if the need arises. Though there is a deadline and also specific requirements for this, the University makes it easy for students to access the school despite their reputation in the United States. 

Financial Aid For International Students

For students who are not US citizens or permanent residents, getting financial aid is limited, hence, it is only awarded based on both exceptional qualifications and demonstrated need.

Also, Wesleyan University offers need-based financial assistance to 30 foreign students from a population of 1000. To get financial assistance on time, international students are expected to apply as at when due to stand eligible. 

As a means of meeting up with your scholarship, Wesleyan University evaluates your college costs, considering the financial circumstances of your family, and creating a financial aid package that bridges the gap between the total cost of your education and your expected family contribution. 

Having known that scholarship programs at available at Wesleyan University, it is important to note the various deadlines to plan. 

Important Deadlines To Note

Application Type    Deadline

Early Decision I       –     November 15th               

Early Decision II      –     January 1st               

Regular Decision    –     January 15th        

For newly admitted international students, if you do not apply for financial aid by the time of admission notification, you will not have any opportunity to apply for institutional aid. 

This points to the fact that missing any of the following dates will require that you fund your education or get external aid from the government. 

Types of Aid Available

Cumulatively, Wesleyan University awards over $72 million in need-based aid every year to both international and domestic students. 

  • Self-help In a Loan/Work Combination

International students are funded by Wesleyan. Work-study is funded by the federal government and Wesleyan University. For first-year students, the loan amount is $3,500, and the work-study amount is $2,750. 

  • Work-Study

Institutional work-study funded by Wesleyan for international students, undocumented students, DACA students, and certain U.S. domestic students has the same provisions as the federal work-study program, except employment must occur on campus sites.

Hence, students who earn funds to contribute toward their educational expenses may work on campus or at select off-campus locations for proximity. 

  • No-loan Policy

International students whose parental contribution is less than $10,000 may also take advantage of the no-loan policy.

Aside from that, this policy is available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, undocumented students, and DACA students whose parental income is $120,000 or less, with typical assets of $400,000 or less. 

  • Government Grant Programs

Pell and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG)–may contribute to your grant award if you are eligible. Note that grants do not need to be repaid.

For students who wish and are eligible to take loans, it will be taken out in your name. It is expected that you start paying back six months after graduation. 

For institutional aid, Wesleyan University places a benchmark at $19,000 per student for the full four years of college. 

Are there other means of getting financial aid as an international student at Wesleyan University?

Yes, there are a few other avenues as listed below;

  1. Students with high needs may receive a Wesleyan institution. Grants for health insurance are awarded automatically to international students based on parental income if they do not have comparable financial coverage.
  2. Both income and assets form the complete picture of your family’s ability to contribute to the costs of your education. Wesleyan University offers a monthly payment plan with a five-month, interest-free payment schedule per semester (the application fee is $45).
  3. This points to the fact that if you need help meeting college costs, you can get one. Also, you can make use of the MyinTuition Calculator or the Net Price Calculator to actualize your financial cost. 

Support for International Students

Wesleyan’s  Office of International Student Affairs offers many services and programs to support the international student population including advice on personal and cultural matters, assistance with visas, insurance, career planning, and academic expectations. 

It is also a resource for questions related to housing, financial matters, traveling, emergencies, and international student orientation. Here’s the official website https://www.wesleyan.edu/oisa. 


Wesleyan University, USA has a great scholarship program for international students, several financial aids are available for everyone. With this, getting admitted into the University without many funds is feasible. 

If you’re considering applying for grants and financial aid, this article covers all you need to know to achieve that. If you need any help with your application, do well to contact the office of international student affairs for a guide.

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