How To Upload WAEC Result On Jamb Portal

Are you a secondary school leaver aspiring for admission to any higher institution in Nigeria? One criterion for getting identified by and securing admission into your preferred institution is that you upload your O’level results on the Jamb portal. 

You can’t get recognized by Jamb if your results are missing on their website. If you have registered for Jamb and would want to upload your result, this article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do that. Have a good read. 

When Should You Upload Your WAEC Result?

There are two periods you can upload your WAEC result. First, during your Jamb registration, if your results are ready, go ahead to upload them. If your results are not ready before the registration, you can upload them after the Jamb registration and examination as the case may be. 

Know that whatever the case, your results must be uploaded before you’re given any admission. For those who do not have any O’level results, Jamb has created the Awaiting Result option for you while filling out the form. 

How Can I Upload My WAEC Result On The Jamb Portal?

Before going through the various steps, get your results ready. Keep in mind that it mustn’t be the original copy of your O’ level result. You can make do with the result slip. With that, here are a few steps on how to upload your result. 

  1. Identify and Locate A Jamb Approved Center

You can head out to any accredited JAMB center within your locality, and make sure you identify the right one to avoid wasting your time and money without any progress. You can also search online to locate approved Jamb centers or better still visit any Jamb office in your area. 

  1. Explain Your Need To The Officials

Having located an approved Jamb center, you’ll always meet other people with similar or different issues. Go ahead to identify any attendant or official and communicate your needs. 

  1. Get Started

If you don’t meet any long queues, you should get started with the process. You’ll be asked to provide your profile code and email address. After that, the hard copy of your result will be scanned and uploaded immediately to your Jamb CAPS. 

  1. Confirm The Process

This may require the use of your cell phone or the attendant will have to log out and log in to confirm your results have been uploaded. This is important because there can be cases of network hitch or the result didn’t reflect on the portal. 

If the attendant can not help with that, use your cell phone to check. Here’s how to go about that. 

How To Check If Your WAEC Result Has Been Successfully Uploaded On Jamb Portal With Your Phone

After uploading your results, to ensure that the process was successful, follow the following process;

  • Visit the Jamb portal or you can click to access the website. 
  • Change the settings of your browser to the desktop version to allow you access to all features on the website. 
  • Log in with your email address and password, after that, click on “Check Jamb Status”. 
  • Click on ” Access my CAPS” which will bring out several options
  • Select “My O’Level” and confirm if your results have been uploaded successfully. 
  • If you can’t find your result, you can refresh the page and if it doesn’t show up,  head back to the Jamb center and try the process again. 

Answers To FAQ

Can I Upload My Result With My Phone?

For now, you can not do that, because Jamb only allows accredited CBT centers or café to carry out the such process on their website. You’ll have to visit any approved Jamb center within your area. 

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How Long Does It Take For My Result To Reflect On The Jamb Portal?

It takes at most 24 hours for your result to be reflected on the portal. After the stipulated time, do well to confirm if the process worked using your phone or visiting a café. 

Can I Upload My Result At Any Cyber Café?

No, you can not do that. Jamb has accredited cyber café in every area, and this job is only restricted to them. If you can’t find any CBT center, locate where you registered for Jamb. 

Is There Any Deadline For Uploading Results?

No. Jamb doesn’t give any deadline for that. A deadline only comes in when your preferred institution sets a specific date for the submission of results. With this, it is safe to upload your result early enough. 

Will I Pay For The Upload On Jamb Portal?

Yes. This is not part of your registration fee, you’ll have to part with a certain amount for the service rendered. The fee you pay depends on the area you reside in. It could be 700 to 1000 Naira. 

Is it Compulsory To Upload My WAEC Result?

Yes. Without your O’level results, no institution can process your admission. If you uploaded your result while registering for Jamb, you don’t need to do that again. 

Can I Upload Two O’ level Results?

Yes, you can. This can be done at the same time or in a separate period if you’re awaiting your result. This means that you can upload the available result at a specific time and then upload the other when it’s ready, but do so early enough. 

Can I Upload My Result After Post UTME?

No, you can not upload any result after your Post UTME, do the needful before that time. 


Uploading your WAEC or any other O’level result on the Jamb portal is as important as registering for the examination. If you don’t do so, you have lost a chance of securing admission into any institution of your choice. This goes beyond your score in Jamb. 

Have in mind that you don’t have a long period to upload your awaiting results on the portal, and abide by the deadline given by your preferred institution. After uploading, do well to confirm the success of the process.

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